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CONFUSA, from Helsinki, Finland, have been cranking out their brand of intense punk since early 2005. Some might describe the band's sound as a mix of classic Finnish and early 80's California hardcore with a new wave twist. Kaisa and Kettu scream out their angst-filled yet poetic lyrics in their native language, adding an even more aggressive edge to the band's sound. Confusa toured (mostly Eastern) Europe very soon after they formed, making an impression with their energetic live performances and catchy tunes. Organizing the tour was possible through the members' involvement with music and the Finnish scene for years before the band started, even though Confusa is the first "serious" band for many members. So there is plenty of experience combined with fresh enthusiasm in these four girls and a guy!

The first tour gave the band a good start and after that they have been writing songs for their upcoming debut album and playing gigs in Finland. In February 2006 Confusa toured France and Spain with fellow Finns, thrash maniacs Hero Dishonest and their record can be expected to see the light of the day in 2006.

Kaisa : vocals
Kettu : vocals
Johanna : guitar
Katja : bass
Olli : drums
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