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Creepy Crawlie
"creepy crawlie was formed in finland, july 2000, when katja and peppi were drinking in a field under an umbrella and decided they want to form a riot grrl band that would sound like a mix between rattus and shampoo. we started to practice in september at masala’s bomb shelter with marika playing the drums, tomu playing the bass and köpi playing the guitar. first we played covers like suck my left one from bikini kill and kytät on natsisikoja from kaaos. our first own songs were dog house, pneumonia and good pay. the songs were short and simple and told about stupid people and things that pissed us off with feminist attitude. we played our first gig at kontula in may 5th 2001. in june 2002 tomu left the band and eva started to play the bass. in late 2002 we started to practice at vuoritalo because the place in masala was so crappy that we didn’t want to go back there anymore… in 2003 we recorded smile of victory cd-r and we started to play gigs more often. kämäset levyt wanted to release a creepy crawlie / wörm split 7” in 2004. we recorded 3 songs in one hour at vuoritalo. köpi had left the band only a couple of days before that but we didn’t want anyone to replace her so there were only four creeps left. we toured in europe for two weeks in summer 2005. in spring 2006 we had to say goodbye to vuoritalo and move our stuff to lauttasaari squat."
-CC Myspace
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