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Darc Mind
"Picture this. A DJ named X-Ray’s fingers gracefully stroke the smooth surface of vinyl for the likes of MC Shan and EPMD. After being involved in various Hip-Hop entities, he and former Legion of D.U.M.E. member, Kev Roc go on to form a group that will bring a sound to the world that can best be described only by their name, Darc Mind. The two-year process of putting these in-depth, sinister lyrics backed by gritty, old-school beats on wax, takes from 1995-1997. And while the rest of the world’s ears are being graced with fellow Loud label mates, Wu-Tang Clan and Tha Beatnuts, their debut album never reaches the masses due to an unfortunate fold in the record label.

Now picture this. It’s 2006, and a kid from Brooklyn walks into a record store, or for the sake of the generation, browses an online apple store and comes across an album that sparks his interest. At first when he listens to it something in him, almost cult-like, makes him want to turn it off because it doesn’t make his fingers snap or his shoulders lean. But then he hears traces of Nas, Rakim, and Public Enemy sampled in a way he’s never heard before and…he really likes it.
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