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Hardest, meaniest and tightest noiserock you´ve on heard since man learned to hit his drum and guitar. If you thought Shellac was bitter and heavy enough for your ears, Fun takes their sound even further. Debut album in August 2004 on If Society.

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Fun items we have:

1/3 7"
4 €
The first in the series of three 7"s by FUN. Heavier than ever before.
New 13 cd
3 €
Long-awaited full length from the loudest and ugliest Finnish noiserockers.
5 €
Fun's 2nd and 3rd albums for the postage of one CD.
Zu-Pa! cd
3 €
Fun's second long play is everything the first record Szklarska Poreba was and a whole lot more - meaner, dumber, tighter, slower, heavier, softer, smarter, faster and a shitload more clever than you, boy!
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