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"Rings is Nina Mehta, Abby Portner and Kate Rosko, three women who live and play in New York City. The three of us came together when Abby joined in June of 2006, after Nina and Kate and former member Melissa Livaudais released an album and seven inch under the name First Nation. The three of us started writing new material, and continued to play under the name First Nation, until we recorded our album in Rove Studios in Kentucky with Kristin Anna Valtysdottir aka Kria Brekken (formerly of the band Mum). The record was going to be called Rings, but, then we decided that 'Rings' described us as a band more than First Nation. We all sing a lot, play drums, guitars and keyboards in circular patchworked tranced feminist compositions. We're inspired by lots of different music, like folk, hip hop and r&b, and traditional and pop music from our own city and farther lands. Rings is a name for our circular compositions, the bonds between us, our decision-making processes, and the circular shapes around us, interlocking, connected, feminine, whole, continuous..."
-Paw Tracks

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