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Sixteens is presently Kristen Louise and Veuve Pauli, with the occasional appearance of guest musicians, performance artists, photographers, projectionists. Originally based in San Francisco, in the last two years' energetic concentration they have become an international band with a support base in Spain, Italy, France, Germany, U.K., Poland, Holland, U.S.A., not to mention other countries where they have yet to project.

Their supporters span a broad range of the post punk musical spectrum. Electro, Deathrock, Synth punk/pop, Minimal electronic, Art damaged, Darkwave, Gothic, Bored E.B. Mers, early eighties casualties, and Indie rockers.

After touring Europe twice in the last year (2004-2005) they are now based in Berlin. Their music has the character of a nicely composed collage where one can see the jagged scissor marks along the edges of transposed magazine paper.

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