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Songs: Ohia
"Songs: Ohia's indigo melancholy is capable of breaking even the hardest of hearts. Perhaps the key is Jason Molina's fragile, haunted voice, which struggles alongside the music like a bird buffeted by winter winds. It's a voice that belies the singer's relatively tender age (he's only in his late twenties), a weary, much-traveled, oft-disappointed voice. Molina is accompanied by delicate, fluid instrumentation: mellow gypsy-campfire guitars, quiet bass accents, and minimal percussion. Here and there you'll hear a flash of bright, sad keyboards, folky banjo, or eerie woodwinds. Songs: Ohia's lugubrious folk- and country-inflected balladry makes comparisons to Will Oldham or Smog's Bill Callahan inevitable, but Molina's songwriting is less oblique, sometimes more harrowing, and often more experimental. And, simply put, nobody has a voice quite like Molina's high, aching caterwaul. "

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