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Cool link of the day: Album Atlas

Written by Tommi on 09.07.2008 14:30:08

Blog image for entry Cool link of the day: Album Atlas Sometimes the coolest ideas are simple ones! Check this out:
Word Magazine's Album Atlas

Personally, I'm fascinated by this site! I've travelled somewhat extensively what with all the tours and stuff I've been on with Hero Dishonest and Echo Is Your Love, so I've been privileged enough to see quite a few places in the (western) world.

I'm also a total record geek and when I say "record", I mean record. I just love the physical objects and even though I currently listen to most of my music digitally, I still make an effort to own most of the stuff I listen to in a physical format as well, just because... we'll, I guess I've got a fetish.

Obviously, this extends to album jacket art. My main inspiration for recently replacing my old iPod mini with my current iPod Classic was the fact that I could have full color album covers displayed in conjunction with the track details. This has made the user experience of using the iPod immeasureable better. I also really love the Cover Flow interface. Although I consider it a rather useless tool for actually accessing music, I just love to scroll through it to look at dem perrdy pictures.

The Album Atlas brings these two things together in a fiendishly simple way. Album covers are such iconic things that I'm always more than willing to make an effort to actually see the places in the pictures. Had I known that Tom Waits' Asylum Years album cover was photographed just a 10 minute walk from where I stayed in NYC earlier this year, I would've made the café my daily pilgrimage. The next time I'm planning a trip somewhere, instead of reaching for a Lonely Planet -book, I'll just dot my map with places from the Album Atlas. My girlfriend will be ever so thrilled!

The only problem with the Album Atlas at the moment is that it's somewhat lacking in content so far, but that's the beauty of this whole Web 2.0 -thingy: DIY, baby! So I pledge all you geeks to go stuff the place with data to make browsing the Album Atlas even more interesting!
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