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Hero Dishonest tour + shit

Written by Mikko on 22.07.2008 22:55:00

Blog image for entry Hero Dishonest tour + shit Hero Dishonest is going to hit the road tomorrow for the first time in a year. I think. Years have turned into one big messy pile of tours, records, rehearsals, studios.. I can't actually remember when was the last time I was on a tour. I think it was in April 2007. Anyways, we're going to end our 4-month long silence and play 3 shows in Germany (check out the dates here) and one at Fluff Fest in Czech which I heard is one of the biggest hardcore festivals in Europe, if not the biggest.

We're super happy to have Manne-Tapsa from the late On A Solid Rock (also an ex-member of Endstand and Deathbed) driving us. Feels almost like the Hero Dishonest/Rebound tour in 2001, except that we're a whole different band now and fatter and uglier and have jobs and kids. Phew.

I can't wait to be on this tour. Gas station coffees, sweaty shows and good German record stores. And cheap falafels.

That's the news. No irony here.

I guess it takes 30+ age and a long quiet weekend at the summer cottage before you start to enjoy Yle Suomi, one of the scariest radio stations in Finland. People call the hosts from their cars and tell what the traffic is like on the highway xyz and what they are going to do first when they get to their summer houses... I used to think that castration among people should be made mandatory when I heard this station before but last weekend when I spent a few days at my granparents´ summer house I found myself enjoying all the horrible Finn hits and old Juice Leskinen interviews from 1988 and didn't feel like killing at all.

Call it what you want.

Luka and I like to watch Trailer Park Boys episodes on YouTube. We don't have TV but this is probably the only thing I can't miss and luckily all the episodes are on YouTube. I can't think of a better way to spend an early childhood.

Julian: Yeah, pick me up a bag of jalapeno chips.
Ricky: Jalapeno? What flavor is that?
Julian: Ricky, the "J" is Silent.
Bubbles: Hal-Uh-Peno, not galapeno.
Ricky: I know how to pronouce it, I ordered fucking galapeno!

OK gotta pack my stuff. Tour launch at 5.30am.
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