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I'm a Twitterer

Written by Tommi on 24.07.2008 11:09:15

Blog image for entry I'm a Twitterer So I've joined yet another social networking community: Twitter.

The main reason I did this was to see what the fuss is about, especially since there's been a lot of positive buzz about the friendly and simple user interface.

The first impression was actually quite positive! The whole registration process including activating my cell phone with Twitter was a breeze and getting the hang of "twittering" (or is there some other made-up verb they prefer for using Twitter?!) was a no-brainer.

The only hickup came when I tried to actually start using the app: who should I follow and who would follow me? I know Twitter is one of the fastest growing communities online at the moment, but so far it seems Finland has avoided Twitter-frenzy. For instance a search with keywork "helsinki" resulted in mere 373 hits and searching for "finland" only returns 701 hits. Not too impressive compared to the half a million Finnish users on Facebook.

I also ran through a bunch of queries for friends who I thought would have joined if for nothing else than to evaluate the service on a professional level and even for that bunch of people the results were between slim and none. Out of the people I did find, most just had tweets like my current offering, which can be summarized "Just trying this thing out".

I guess it's safe to say that for Twitter, overcoming the critical mass for proper networking effects to kick in is still quite far. If you're a Twitterer and feel you need to read where I'm at, feel free to join as my follower. My Twitter-profile is the predictable http://twitter.com/forssto.

I'd really love to actually try using this service but with the limited networking offering at the moment I really can't see it happening.

Cool UI, though.
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