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I'm a Twitterer

Written by Tommi on 24.07.2008 11:09:15

Blog image for entry I'm a Twitterer So I've joined yet another social networking community: Twitter.

The main reason I did this was to see what the fuss is about, especially since there's been a lot of positive buzz about the friendly and simple user interface.

The first impression was actually quite positive! The whole registration process including activating my cell phone with Twitter was a breeze and getting the hang of "twittering" (or is there some other made-up verb they prefer for using Twitter?!) was a no-brainer.

The only hickup came when I tried to actually start using the app: who should I follow and who would follow me? I know Twitter is one of the fastest growing communities online at the moment, but so far it seems Finland has avoided Twitter-frenzy. For instance a search with keywork "helsinki" resulted in mere 373 hits and searching for "finland" only returns 701 hits. Not too impressive compared to the half a million Finnish users on Facebook.

I also ran through a bunch of queries for friends who I thought would have joined if for nothing else than to evaluate the service on a professional level and even for that bunch of people the results were between slim and none. Out of the people I did find, most just had tweets like my current offering, which can be summarized "Just trying this thing out".

I guess it's safe to say that for Twitter, overcoming the critical mass for proper networking effects to kick in is still quite far. If you're a Twitterer and feel you need to read where I'm at, feel free to join as my follower. My Twitter-profile is the predictable http://twitter.com/forssto.

I'd really love to actually try using this service but with the limited networking offering at the moment I really can't see it happening.

Cool UI, though.
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24.07.2008 11:20:36 Eetu wrote : "I'm an identient!"

Twitter is so last year. A proprietary service with performance problems, ugh. Why not skip that step and come straight to the future, a µ-blogging service built on distributed open (AGPL) platform, with CC license for all the content: http://identi.ca

(I'm there, http://identi.ca/eh)

24.07.2008 11:21:54 Eetu wrote : "I think I broke your blog"

I was trying to send a comment about identi.ca, but something went horribly wrong.

24.07.2008 12:03:46 Tommi wrote

No such luck. I was fiddling about with "stuff" and decided to break it myself. A nice reminder of how it's sometimes a good idea to TEST even the smallest and simplest of changes.

24.07.2008 17:04:14 Kennu wrote : "Twitter, Jaiku, identi.ca..."

Jaiku seems to be the favorite microblogging place for many Finnish people. It's actually not used so much for microblogging but often for longer conversation threads. For me, the working IM support through Jabber/GTalk is the killer. I follow all notifications through IM (Adium).

Still, all my friends are on Facebook, so it's status updates are really the real method of microblogging right now. OTOH I'm importing my Jaikus there anyway.

Twitter's main interest for me is following some famous people, like Kevin Rose and Barack Obama.

25.07.2008 00:57:09 Avi wrote

I use twitterfeed.com to send my site's RSS to Twitter (http://twitter.com/itsatrapdotcom if you care), but beyond that, I don't have time to keep up with that stuff. I'm already on the computer far too much as is. Facebook seems like an even worse timesink - I won't even consider that one.
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