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Regaining some faith

Written by Tommi on 31.07.2008 01:24:46

Blog image for entry Regaining some faith I've got a confession to make: For the past few years nothing has felt less appealing to me than punk rock live shows. I went to at least 666 of them "back in the day" - and then some - and I just burned myself out on seeing the same derivative bands playing stagnant music to a uniformed audience. It's not that the music grew stale (although, that might've also happened), I just saw one punk show too much and just wasn't feeling the love I felt when it was all fresh and new to me.

I guess this applies somewhat to live shows in general. I don't even want to count the number of nights I've spent in dark places with loud noises and obtrusive drunk people, but I know that nowadays I have an increasing tendency to just stay home instead. I hate that in myself and I'd love to be the dude "supportin' the scene" by hanging out at every show in town, but I guess I've come to the point that I've got to fess up - I'm old and bored.

BUT! Thank GOD (or any other similar entity that may or may not exist) there can still be nights like tonight. All it took was "four badly dressed guys from Winnipeg" to make me feel young and excited again! For a bit over an hour the whole concept of a punk rock live show felt just as important, relevant and - dare I say it - entertaining as it did when we were kids slammin' to Outlast at Rauhanasema in the late mid 90's.

I went to see Propagandhi at Tavastia tonight. I've been waiting 10+ years to see them - which is something I can say for a very limited amount of bands - and they pretty much made good on every expectation I could possibly have.

But that's not my point. The show was amazing, that's all you need to know about that. My point is, that for the first time in an awfully long time I felt totally grabbed by live music. Not once did I check the time on my cell phone or think about how many hours of sleep I can get if the show ends when I think it will end and the only times I stood still was the times I felt I had to catch my breath to avoid a humiliating death by asphyxiation on the dancefloor. Mind you, I'm an almost 30-year old software engineer with fitness of a 40-year old and the body of a 50-year old (yeah, I'm working on it, I'm pushing 49 already!). Still, there I was, slammin' away like a teenager again.

That also brought me back to the first time I went to a proper club show (I had seen Metallica - twice - and Pantera in an arena setting prior to that). It was Amorphis at Lepakko around 1994. Their album Tales From The Thousand Lakes had just come out and was all the rage between my friends.

I don't think I'll ever be able get the same feeling I experienced that night. The whole experience (climaxing in my first-ever stagedive!) was just life-changing, mostly because it was fresh and new.

That's pretty much why I quit drinking some 6 years ago. I realized I was never going to reach the same levels of excitement and sheer thrill those first times I got wasted on half a bottle of cheap wine provided.

I'm just rapturous that the same thing doesn't seem to entirely apply to experiencing music in a live setting.

"Support the scene" and all. I know I have a spare tank of energy to do so again for a while.

ps. See you tomorrow at the Blonde Redhead -show! I'm sure it will be quite amazing as well!
pps. Turku-people, if your dumb enough to skip Propagandhi tomorrow at Klubi... oh well, you're just kinda dumb then.
ppps. Happy birthday J. Aimola! Even if it ended over an hour ago.
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