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Top 10 bands i need to see before i die

Written by Tommi on 31.07.2008 11:56:07

Blog image for entry Top 10 bands i need to see before i die Yesterday when I was writing my previous blog post I started thinking about how Propagandhi had definitely been in the top 10 (actually more like top 3) bands I've yet to see live, but need to see before I die.

That got me wondering: What are the 10 other in yesterday morning's top 11 that now make today's top 10 now that Propagandhi is checked off the list? I've probably seen a four-figure number of bands perform live in my life and that number contains a huge chunk of my favorite artists that have been active after I started going out. I've had the chance to cross off band after band after band from the list at events Like Roskilde Festival and Electric Picnic, not forgetting all local Finnish festivals and thanks to the tireless and financially fearless work of the dudes at Fullsteam, increasingly in my own 'hood. I could never have dreamed that there'd be a time that I'd be faced with a choice like tonight's "should I see Propagandhi again or see Blonde Redhead" in Finland.

Anyway, there's still quite a few artists out there touring actively or at least sporadically that I need to cross paths with. I had a surprisingly difficult time actually to squeeze it into just 10. Nasty cuts had to be made, but with enough cold-hearted cruelty and wily manipulation I was able to flex my cuttin' muscle enough to do so.

The key rule was that it had to be at least feasible to see all the artists on the list. No wishful thinking or pure la-la land fantasy like Minor Threat, The Smiths or Marvin Gaye. I also wanted to emphasize that the list is about bands I want to see in their current form, so redundant comebacks with old, fat and boring legends were scraped off the list. I'd give my right testicle and half of my spleen to see the Astral Weeks / Moondance -era Van Morrison live, but I have little or no interest in the 21st century Van, so he's off the list. Same goes to some degree for Leonard Cohen, but then again I'm still going to go see him in October. But he's off the list as well. Then again, the Happy Mondays came really close of making it, but were cut at the last moment.

Fullsteam-dudes, take note! These artists have at least one paying customer to see them in Helsinki.


  1. Divine Comedy

    After much careful deliberation it was Neil Hannon's troupé that made it to #1. I usually hate live videos, but DC's Live At The Palladium I can watch over and over and over and over again. Actually the thing that landed Divine Comedy the top spot is the dream that I'd get to see them perform with a full orchestra like on that particular DVD, but any kind of show would do just fine.
  2. The Notwist

    Although I was a bit disappointed with their latest album The Devil, You + Me, Notwist's Neon Golden remains among my favorite albums in the world. I've seen the dudes in action as 13 & God once and at least that show was completely breathtaking, so I have no doubt a Notwist live-show would be brilliant as well.
  3. Type O Negative

    Pretty much a top-ranking contender for my oldest ongoing band-relationship still without a live fulfillment. I've been so close to seeing these guys for a number of times, but have never sealed the deal. There's always been some dumbass reason that has prevented my encouter with TON in the past. Hope I still get a chance.
  4. LCD Soundsystem

    I just need to see how they can transfer all that insane energy from their recordings to a live setting.
  5. Polyphonic Spree

    I think this video still holds the record of being my most watched YouTube-vid (although this one might come close after last weeks repeat-spree). I'm just a sucker for the rapturous spirit of the Polyphonic Spree. I have no idea why people have been raving about The Arcade Fire for the past few years as the Spree does pretty much the same thing, just way more over the top and better. Needless to say that no one will ever come close to the Flaming Lips, who'd be above everything else on this list, had I not already seen them twice. Anyway, seeing The Polyphonic Spree in fullblown insane rapture cult glory would be an experience, no doubt!
  6. B-52's

    These new wave darlings were really close to getting the same fate as the Happy Mondays, but since their new album sounds just sooo brilliant, I figured I'd be really keen on seeing how well they deliver live. Their songs - especially their old favorites - just seem to be 110% perfect for a sweaty all night live music dance session.
  7. Tragedy

    Another band I've come close to seeing a few times too many. Seems they're just the kind of band to literally blow you away with sheer intensity and VOLUME. Their records stick out of the pack of... well, Tragedy-copycats, like a sore thumb by just being so amazing.
  8. Daniel Johnston

    Another candidate for the Van Morrison / Happy Mondays -column, but with Johnston, I'd just be happy to see him live, playing his amazing straight-from-the-hearts songs. Everyone who's seen The Devil And Daniel Johnston knows why.
  9. Daft Punk

    Hopefully at my house, but any other venue will do as well.
  10. Mission Of Burma

    Again, another old-fart comeback, but after watching Not A Photograph I just need to see them. Also the fact that their reunion has already provided the world with two amazing new albums kinda proves that their in it with their heart, not just wallets and egos.

There you have it. As a SUPER SPECIAL BONUS, here's my list of top 5 essential Finnish comebacks I'm going to eventually force by gunpoint if necessary:

  1. Karkkiautomaatti

    BRING BACK THE KARKKIS!!! It's just about 10 years from their final show, but the flame still burns. Never forget!!!
  2. Way Down

    If they had started out a few years ago doing the same thing they did back in 1997, they'd probably be one of the biggest bands on the planet by now. They'd probably be labeled emo, though, but that would be a small price to pay for the fact that someone would actually appreciate the genious behind the stuff these three guys made.
  3. Sweetheart

    The loudest, meanest and tightest band EVER. Screw the Birthday Party, Shellac, AC/DC and all that wimpy crap. It's all about Sweetheart, baby.
  4. Deep Turtle

    The worst part about this band breaking up is that at least for me they just kept getting better! I can sincerely say that every time I heard a new recording or saw them, they were better than before!
  5. Sergio

    Development cut too short. This three-geetaar indierock assault from Kotka was going somewhere fast and then just broke up out of the blue. Massive potential thrown away. Bummer.

Luckily Freak-Ed are finally off that list!
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