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A public apology to Thomas Alan Waits

Written by Tommi on 04.08.2008 09:47:56

Blog image for entry A public apology to Thomas Alan Waits Dear Tom,

In my previous blog post I listed the top 10 artists I haven't seen live yet, but absolutely must see before I kick the proverbial bucket and for some unforgivable and utterly insane reason you were absent from the said list, even if you hold the indisputable claim to the #1 slot on that list - and all other lists in the world as well.

I have no real excuses. The only possible reason is that my mind blocked you out, because I once saw you on the street in Copenhagen in July 1998. That probably doesn't count as seeing you live, but this is the sum total of my excuses. Other than that, I'll just have to admit that I screwed up pretty much as big as a preacher would when he'd end his sermon "in the name of the son and the holy ghost and... gee, I just know there's one more."

There you have it. I dropped the ball on this one. To make up, I'm going to go ahead and buy every single item from your back catalog that I do not yet own. Then I shall repent.

I'm sorry.
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