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Ok here's my TOP 10 band list i wanna see..

Written by Mikko on 04.08.2008 21:30:29

Blog image for entry Ok here's my TOP 10 band list i wanna see.. Ok ok, after hundreds of requests - here's my TOP 10 list of bands that I need to see before I MIGHT die. Some of them long gone but who knows, maybe they'll reunite. I'm always ready to offer my helping hand if you Janne Westerlund need someone to play the guitar in the 2nd coming of Sweetheart.

-I've already missed them twice but I'm not going to miss them anymore. Even though they're always quite pissed off at something they still make me feel good - one of those bands that I can listen to anytime of the day or whatever mood I'm in. I just had an intellectual discussion at the Obituary show (yes, Obituary - would have been on my list but I've seen'em now.) with a friend of mine on the beauty of Napalm Death and we both agreed that they're like the perfect indie/punk band (instead of metal or grindcore which both ring dead and boring to me): always evolving, never compromising, political, smart.... and most of all, a raging wall of noise. Check out: When All Is Said And Done.

-Do I need to say anything? If Mark E Smith was my dad.... I'd be his son. One of my fave tracks here.

-Ok I discovered them pretty much around their reunion (one of those bands you always knew but never really listened to.... like Poison), but it's clear to everyone: these guys play their old drums, guitar and bass like no-one else. And I really mean, they somehow manage to play simple pop songs and play their instruments so that it sounds like no other band. Just listen to the riff in this song.

-I've tickets to his concert. The only song you will ever need.

-One of my favorite bands. Calvin Johnson, if you need any new members in the line-up or someone to carry the guitars or something, call me. This song (their latest single from 2000) almost gets me emotional, almost.

-I was so lucky to see these guys live so many times. Fuck everything that came after them. What did we get? Fucking postpostpostdiscopostpunkfucking shit. Sweetheart would eat you all up for breakfast. Janne Westerlund, if you need someone to play the guitar on the reunion world tour, call me. Listen to this and shiver. The power, the fury, the speed.

-Ian, if you read this, call me. Best live clip ever. Saw them in 2000 but a couple thousand times more would keep up my faith in something good.

-Justin Trosper ....just call me. One of my all time favorites. A band that shaped my "songwriting" maybe more than anyone else. Check out.

-Maybe I shouldn't see them, maybe the experience would just ruin the idea. There must be a counter universe of some sort where Olli Pauke lives. Not like the one Sun Ra talks about but one that's really interesting. Just check out their "website" and try to make some sense. In other words: one of the best bands ever. Three 7"s, one album and I think some songs here and there. Totally fucked up lofi noisefolk with genius lyrics about sniffing glue and reading porn magazines. Not for the fans of Vampire Weekend. Or in fact, especially for them.

-I guess seeing Madonna live would be like "....I think I'll go home and never get out of bed". You know, when you feel really small. I saw her concert live on TV around 1990 or something, it was straight from Madrid via satellite, and I decided to pick up a guitar. It wasn't Slayer or Poison who made me do it, but Madonna. No matter what is said of her and her latest albums etc, she's got the best songs in the history of songs. One of my favorites: Angel.

That's it. I think I'd trade the first nine for Madonna.
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