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...but seriously, Ilta Sanomat

Written by Tommi on 08.10.2008 09:52:45

Blog image for entry ...but seriously, Ilta Sanomat Yeah, I know I shouldn't try to read yellow press with a serious attitude and think of it as comic relief, but yet again, this shit is a bit too much to handle:

Loiri rikastuu 10 konsertin kiertueellaan 100 000 euroa
IS teki laskelman kiertuetuloista sen maltillisen odotuksen pohjalta, että Loirin konserttien yleisökeskiarvo olisi 500 katsojaa, vaikka ainakin Lahdessa ja Turussa yleisöä näyttää olevan jopa tuplasti enemmän.

Koska pääsylippuja myydään 30 eurolla, nousee kiertueen kokonaistuotto 500 katsojan keskiarvolla 150 000 euroon. Vesku kiertää pienen kolmihenkisen yhtyeen kanssa, joten bändin palkkioiden ja arvonlisäverojenkin jälkeen Loirille itselleen jää konserteista noin 100 000 euron tulot.

Roughly summarized in English this text states that Vesa-Matti Loiri (a Finnish entertainer / singer / actor / multitalent / genious etc.) will be NETTING 100,000 euros for a 10 show tour this fall. The "math and reason" behind this is that with 10 shows, 30 euro tickets and an estimated average attendance of 500 people the total gross is 150,000 euros and since his band is just 3 people, that'll leave him with 100 grand to pocket.

Jesus christ, what a bunch of BULLSHIT.

I suppose that the concert halls will be totally free to book? They won't be needing any staff for wardrobe, security, tech stuff? Advertising (which on a tour of this scale will surely have ads in the radio and large dailies = expensive stuff) is free, right? The band (and supposably nonexistant tech crew) will hitchhike to the gigs? They'll sleep on somebody's floor? The tech-crew will work pro-bono, eh?

I'm not going to start presenting a more accurate calculation here as everything is based on speculation anyways. But I can assure you that any number I give that's less than the ones Iltasanomat are throwing around, will be far more accurate than their crap.

The bad thing about this is that a lot of people will read this bullshit "news item" and they won't have the judgement to read it critically. I don't mind if people think Vesku Loiri is making more money than he actually is, but what gets me here is that this is yet another unfounded validation to the claim that artists in "music business 2.0" should be able to make all their revenue from live performance. This bullshit "math" they're using for calculating the income that actually reaches the artist in the end is just the kind of speculative reasoning that people base their opinions on the unimportance of immaterial rights in the digital age on.

...and I'm not going even start with how crappy the story yesterday at hs.fi about the Dudesons making a HUGE LOSS last year was. Fellow Finns, get over your jealousy.
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