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Written by Tommi on 24.10.2008 09:00:45

Blog image for entry Music & Media I just spent a day at the annual Music & Media seminar in Tampere.

I've had a really strong hunch on a few things for a while now and today I got even more validation for all of them:
  • We're not really a part of the music industry today. They don't need us and we don't need them. Actually the latter is not true, but that's a nice way to justify not wanting to hang with the big boys.

  • We definitely don't have a place in what the music industry is going to be in a year or so.

  • We need to change how we operate. We need to come up with some drastic measures to find a completely new way of operating as musicians and as a label.

This is not meant as an elitist statement. Our DNA is not the same as the rest of the music industry. I've pondered the question "am I a musician or a record label entrepreneur first?" for a while now and every time the answer points loudly to option #1. I run an indie label because I'm a musician, not the other way around and my actions should reflect that.

I have a strong need to reinvent everything about us. We're small and agile, so we're the ones who should be capable of morphing to accommodate the changing times. Not the ones just staring like a rabbit at the oncoming headlights.

All this and the only lecture I attended was "What is rock?" by Jone Nikula. ÄIJÄ ÄIJÄ ROCK ROCK ÄIJÄ ÄIJJJJÄÄÄÄÄ!!!
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