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Written by Tommi on 25.10.2008 01:00:30

Blog image for entry Politics The municipal elections are here and I have no idea who to vote for.

I don't trust any of the parties and all the candidates seem equally lame.

I don't understand any of the key topics enough to have an opinion.

I thought the point of politics was to outsource the thinking process to somebody who you felt would make the right choice. Now they think I'm able to be able to comprehensively evaluate the ramifications of privatizing public services or joining big-ass counties to even bigger-ass counties! I have nothing else than a gut feeling about these things and quite frankly, my gut has shit for brains.

I want someone to evaluate this shit for me by an unbiased process with all perspectives from ecologic to economic and ethic to sociologic covered. This shit is too complicated for me.

Once I feel I have enough knowledge to make these kinds of decisions, I'll nominate myself. Until then, I'm outsourcing. Just don't know who to...
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26.10.2008 15:38:53 Tommi wrote

Oh well, I did what any good entrepreneur should: voted for a loyal customer.

16.01.2009 14:51:01 Ivan wrote

Nice post! I've always felt the way you do. But I have never been able to put it right.

Anyway, you still have hope something's gonna be fine. Things are way more complicated in Russia. I don't even think of participating in any election. Useless is spelt U-S-E-L-E-S-S, ha ha ha! What's especially hilarious is when they show Putin (the ex-pres, now prime-minister or something) making "dirty job" like firing someone big for the good; and Medvedev (the new pres) smiling in the camera and visiting schools. While both of them are asses. Like 'good' cop and 'bad' cop makin' it right.

Hopefully, I don't watch TV since I moved to Finland.

16.01.2009 15:04:04 Tommi wrote

Finland is confusing enough, I don't even want to try to think about how difficult thinking about these things would be in a bigger country! I live in a tiny city of half a million people and a tiny country of five million people and still all the choices seem overwhelming, god knows how unbelievably hard they'd be to grasp in a bigger country!
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