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The death of record stores?

Written by Tommi on 05.11.2008 12:10:11

Blog image for entry The death of record stores? The biggest Finnish daily newspaper, Helsingin Sanomat issued a prophecy of doom for record stores today.

The article is based on a statement by a spokesman from one of the biggest digital distributors in Europe.

On a grand scale it's quite true. Record stores are staring down the barrell of a gun at the moment. The saddest news of the week is that Jukeboss from Tampere closed their physical shop. They didn't have the largest selection or the best prices, but they had the attributes of a shop I'd like to buy my records from (if I didn't buy them from myself) and support in every possible way.

But on a more grassroots level, there will always (whatever that means) be people who want a physical manifestation of the music they buy and care for the experience of buying it just as much as they care for the actual use of the product or it's price. Because you're visiting this page, I assume you might be in that demographic. So prove the big boys wrong. Buy records from some of the shops listed below. Yeah I know that the big chain stores can sell them for a euro or two cheaper, but if you're a true music fan and you care for grassroots networks existing, support it's own retailers. Just as you'd support indie labels and artists.

So, give these stores a visit the next time you're in their area. They might not stock the exact item you've been searching for, but they all stock cool records and browsing through them is half the experience.

...and other small shops.
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