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Old School Customer Service

Written by Tommi on 01.12.2008 23:15:28

I just got a good ol' taste of some old fashioned countryside customer service last week.

We were driving for some Black Audio shows in Eastern Finland on Friday and suddenly we had a classic Black Audio situation on our hands: One of our tires had a leak that was threatening to cut our trip a bit short.

It was 5pm and we we're assessing the situation at a truck stop in Juva. I pulled out my cell phone with the wonderful Google Maps installed and searched for tire shops. My initial reaction was to dial through a few of the bigger chain stores nearby, only to hear that they'd all closed some five minutes ago.

As a final straw I tried a tiny tireshop in Varkaus called Hasintien Rengas. After being initially greeted by a gruff mechanic and being told that he'd closed at five I explained that I was in a bit of a pickle. After pleeing my case for a second or two, all he said was "I'll do it".

We got to the tireshop at around 6pm - an hour after the guy was supposed to head home for a sweet weekend of taking it easy with beer and tv - the guy took care of our tire in a very no-bullship manner and once he was done he said it'd be 10 euros. I tried telling him to take something extra for his troubles and especially the fact that we'd kept him from escaping the work week, but he would have none of it.

I don't know about you guys, but in this world of productized support-processes and outsourced helpdesks I sometimes really miss this kind of service and human touch.

If I lived anywhere near Varkaus, I'd start taking care of all my tire needs at Hasintien Rengas.

It's at Hasintie 19, if you're in the area.
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