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Depth through surface

Written by Tommi on 07.12.2008 02:34:05

Blog image for entry Depth through surface When it all comes down, the Pet Shop Boys are the perfect band. There has never been and probably never will be a more amazing hybrid of total throwaway instant pop-glitter and deeply multi-layered musical craftsmanship. Their music is ridiculously catchy, to the point of being total bubblegum, but underneath the surface is an ocean of depth that rivals any "serious" artist in the history of the world. They don't have songs, they have compositions.

Year after year, I'm in total awe in front of their perfection.
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09.12.2008 09:36:12

Just lauantaina ostin
west end girls 7"
Liza Minellin Results LP:n
ja What have i done to deserve this? 12"

09.12.2008 11:41:17 Tommi wrote


22.12.2008 18:45:46 Hessu wrote

Kiitti Tommi muistutuksesta PET SHOP BOYSin parhaudesta. Tänään löyty kirppikseltä 2 PSB lp:tä: Introspective ja Actually. 4?/kpl. Ei paha.
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