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Come out of the closet with your shorts and backwards baseball cap

Written by Tommi on 13.01.2009 23:10:26

Blog image for entry Come out of the closet with your shorts and backwards baseball cap Went to see Helmet today.

The audience was mostly comprised of dudes well into their thirties that looked like programmers, mostly male. People like me.

It was kind of scary to see a band I last saw almost 12 years ago. TWELVE years. When I think of the term "12 years ago", I don't want to think about adult-esque experiences, I want to think about stuff like water pistol fights, playing with Transformers robots and considering girls icky. 12 years is a lifetime, man. At least for some smaller animals. Yet again, I have to face it, my peers are getting older, so I guess so am I.

Another scary aspect of tonight, though, is the fact that lately I seem to just get excited about seeing bands I've first gotten into a double digit amount of years ago. Seriously, this is scary. I'm rarely moved at all by anything new anymore and I find myself tripping into nostalgia now and again. Jeez, I've always thought nostalgia as a cultural phenomenom is utter bullshit and one of the biggest downfalls of cultural progress. Yet here I am, pining for the bands of my youth. What a friggin' drag.

Ok, boring old dude snarl aside, I did have some opinions to accompany my murmur: Why is it that (at least in Europe) the stigma of Helmet being a part of the early 90's onslaught of "alternative metal" for the Lollapalooza-generation / Gen X'ers? When I listen to Helmet now in a musical sense, all I hear is jagged precision-played noise rock like Shellac + Jesus Lizard, but with less whining and drugs and peppered with pop choruses and rhythms you can actually nod your head to (in an awkwards manner). For the last 10 years there hasn't really been a better way to destroy your indie cred than owning up to diggin' Helmet.

Seriously, it's time we take a stand. They rock - even though they may bring to mind a few too many awkward memories from the dark 90's (not cool ones, like Technotronic and Snap do!). The guitar player did sport baggy shorts and a backwards baseball cap, but since the whole gig was pretty much a time machine back to 1994, it was appropriate.

So - indie elite - From this moment on, I'm officially declaring it cool to dig Helmet again.

...and Page Hamilton might be old, but he ain't Nomeansno-old! But then again it has NEVER been and will NEVER be uncool to dig Nomeansno!

There, I said it.
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