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The joys of customer service

Written by Tommi on 16.01.2009 17:10:08

Blog image for entry The joys of customer service We just got an email from an angry customers across the Atlantic. I won't go into further detail here, but there were two points of frustration on this person's mind:
  • He was on our mailing list and he didn't want to be on it
  • b) He had ordered an lp from us and it had arrived in bad shape

Granted, these are both very valid points to get upset about!

BUT, taken into consideration these two things:
  • Correct me if I'm wrong, but the checkbox in our order form that lets you choose whether or not you'll subscribe to our mailing list or not is quite clear and obvious? We NEVER explicitly add anyone on the list. The only ways to get on it are to subscribe on our site or keep the box checked when ordering.
  • We send stuff in the mail. Regardless of how well we pack the records, sometimes they seem to be used as trampolines somewhere along the way. The fact that the record was shipped to the other side of the planet just raises the probability that some mailman thinks he can practice his wrestling moves on the package. When this happens, we're happy to replace the items, at our own cost, no less. Needless to say this is the first time we've heard from this guy since he placed his order!

Ok, everything's still ok, dude was just making sure we know he wants off our list and that he's gotten stuff delivered to him in sub-par condition.

What bugs me is his attitude. Here are a few selected excerpts from his correspondence:

"...your pathetic label..."
"...stupid, cheap packaging job your rip off numb nuts did..."
"You fucking suck!"
"Eat shit and die, bastards!"

This kind of shit really makes my day, I can tell you that!

Ok kiddies, here's the lessons of the day:
  1. People who you interact with remotely are people too. They'll think you're a dick if you act like a dick.
  2. If you order something online and you receive less than you thought or your delivery is late, let the merchant know immediately! Even if we live in the year 2009, the postal service is still not 100% reliable or safe! I mean they do a bang-up job, but every now and then packages get lost or damaged. And I'm not saying we never screw up as we most surely do. The key thing is to:
    let. us. know.

We can't do shit about a problem we're unaware of, but we're more than happy to correct any problems we possibly can to try to keep you guys happy and trust us!

But damn it does ruin your day if someone acts like a spoiled 12-year old girl for no reason.

Be nice, ok?
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