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Touch & Go rip, kind of...

Written by Tommi on 18.02.2009 22:43:51

Blog image for entry Touch & Go rip, kind of... It was announced today, that Touch & Go distribution is closing shop.

Basically, if I've understood correctly, what they'll do is going into "catalogue mode", meaning that the once mighty indie trendsetter is basically going to focus on selling their existing back-catalogue (we'll be happy to keep buying, though!) and cashing whatever tiny checks digital sales generate.

This sucks big time. Tn'G is one of the most important inspirations to our label and was one of the labels that pretty much defined the term "indie" in the first place.

On the other hand, I'd love to be fiendishly screaming "I told you so!". Touch & Go were definitely not the last to go, I'm afraid. It just hurts to see something this important be one of the first major losses.

The other crappy thing is that T&G distributed a bunch of really cool labels like Jade Tree and Kill Rock Stars. I'm sure they'll find new distributors, but still... they won't find new T&G's.


EDIT: Seriously, check out the list of bands they've put out on the Wikipedia article on Touch & Go. That's pretty much half the bands most of my generation got into this indie thing in the first place for.
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19.02.2009 04:42:49 "Lassi"

Oh well, now that sucks!

If Society's blog has nowadays been a bit too depressive to read - doesn't anyone agree? Can't you guys find anything positive or cool happening in the indie/music biz?

LCMDF got aired in '45 minuuttia', ain't that pretty reté?

19.02.2009 07:17:07 Tommi wrote

Haha! We're depressing like that!

Point taken! I promise the next post will be something a bit more on the positive side.
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