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Less is more... and it's damn difficult

Written by Tommi on 05.04.2009 10:10:48

Blog image for entry Less is more... and it's damn difficult If I had to recruit a copywriter, the ultimate test I'd put him into is coming up with a few variations for our Google AdWords -ad. I know I'm not a professional at this stuff, but Jesus Christ how difficult this thing can be! I can come up with an endless supply of great taglines, but once the 35 character limitation is on, I'm hopeless and helpless. There's no space to play with words or mask that you have nothing to say by saying a lot. You need to have a simple and strong story to tell with 0% BS.

Then again, back in the day when phones weren't able to send a long SMS in multiple messages behind the user's back, I was constantly sending my messages in at least 5 parts. Brevity doesn't seem to be my thing. God I hate that 140 character limit in Twitter too.
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06.04.2009 11:18:50 Kennu wrote

I, for one, love that brevity of Twitter & co ;) I even try to imitate it in my emails. Short sweet and to-the-point.

06.04.2009 11:30:56 Tommi wrote

I _would_ love to love it, but I've come to realize that as a person I have a constant -v switch on. :)

I guess this is a great area of personal improvement I can concentrate on.

08.04.2009 11:26:29 Lassi wrote

Cut the bullshit!
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