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The power of "no"

Written by Tommi on 12.04.2009 21:50:57

I've come to love the creative force of inhibiting myself.

A while ago I wasn't happy with the way I was playing drums. Then I stripped my drum kit to a kick, a snare a hi-hat and one cymbal. After that I became the best drummer since Animal from the Muppet Show. No joke, I rule.

Viola just started making music one song per month. Ok, we kinda draft song embryos beforehand, but 95% of the tracks are created in the time frame of one month. There's very little time to spend on extra crap in that time (we have other stuff to do as well, besides making Viola-tracks, you know), so we have to limit what we concentrate on. Ok, we haven't changed into the best band in the world yet, but I can already feel a significant change in the level of inspiration and I'm sure it's just a matter of time before we rule all.

With If Society, we've always aspired to please just two people in the world: ourselves. Everyone else was just added bonus. Result: best label ever. At least to our entire key demographic. The two of us.

Every cool thing in the world has been in some ways the result of scoping down. The funk in Bootsy Collins' bass playing was in the notes he left out, not the notes he played and that cat had some serious FUNK. Apple's products are cool, because the stuff you don't need is usually hidden or stripped out completely. Dischord is a kick-ass label, because they've stuck to what they've believed in, never expanded beyond their confort zone and kept true to their origins.

When we opened Pitkämies, I felt the need to start ordering in all the cool new current releases, but have since realized we're just not that kind of a shop. We can't compete on that segment with the big boys. We're much better off by just sticking to the niche we've established ourselves in. We're a specialty shop and we need to stay that way. More Thor and Rapeman, less Franz Ferdinand and Anna Järvinen. You can go to Levykauppa Äx, Play.com, Stupido or CDON to get the latter. They can sell them cheaper 9 times out of 10 anyway.

I need to start saying "no" way more often anyways... You can ask the dudes from Vene what happens when I say yes, when I don't have the time to back that "yes" up.
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