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Spotify deal killer

Written by Tommi on 25.06.2009 17:26:51

Blog image for entry Spotify deal killer I noticed a really weird pattern of consumer behaviour in myself yesterday. I was on the very verge of subscribing to Spotify premium, but cut the process once I was presented with these two options:

1 month = 9,99 euros
1 year = 99 euros

Instead of getting the feeling of cheap vs. cheaper I started feeling instantly negative about the whole deal. The whole point that makes a Spotify Premium subscription so darn appealing is the fact that the price is so low. Low enough to not really matter. I'm not a rich dude, but I can spare 10 euros any day if I feel I get even something of substance into my life in exchange.

But a hundred euros is a totally different thing altogether. Spending 100 euros is already an investment. I can rarely just throw 100 euros at something if it's not carefully deliberated.

That made both options feel like a bad choise. If I chose the monthly billing plan, I was throwing away the chance of a 17% discount, but if I chose the yearly billing plan, I'd make a casual purchase into an investment and Spotify is just the kind of luxury extra that I can casually purchase any day, but would never invest in.

So I decided to survive for now with the occational interruptions by "Jonathan from Spotify". I just wish they brought Rebecca back. She sounded hot, so I kinda enjoyed the ads she was in.
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