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When you form a new band

Written by Tommi on 10.08.2009 17:46:36

Blog image for entry When you form a new band When you form a new band, even if you're from America - the cradle of all meaningful culture mankind has ever produced thus empowered to reign supreme over lesser countries, like Europe - please oh please oh please check if the name you're going for is taken. It takes like 5 minutes to do a bit of Googling and going through services like Last.fm to see if there's a band active under the name.

I don't really care too much about the plethora of Fun's and Viola's out there, but what really pushed me over the edge (pun intended) today was finding out about this band: Outlast from New Jersey.

How retarded can you get? Not only did they grab a name that was taken, they took it one step further and grabbed their name from one of the best bands ever from their specific miniscule niché of straight-edge vegan youth crew hardcore.

Ok, granted, Linköping's Outlast (the real Outlast) isn't the most well known band in the world, but even though they didn't get too many releases out in their way-too-short career, they're still hailed as one of the best youth crew acts ever. It would've taken these NJ wimps a matter of minutes to check out the roots of their selected style enough to know that a band with this name already made some pretty huge waves in the niché.

So what's next? Someone coming up with an emo band called Rites Of Spring? Or maybe a metal band called Venom. I'm going to go ahead and kick off my solo career under the name "Michael Jackson".

Seriously, do your damned homework.
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