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Black Audio in the studio

Written by Tommi on 31.08.2009 14:53:17

Blog image for entry Black Audio in the studio I've played music as a rather serious hobby for well past 10 years now.
I've done my share of different kinds of sessions that have resulted in records a very limited people actually enjoy, but during all these years I've never participated in a session quite like this.

First of all: we had booked a full weekend in a real (expensive) studio with no rehearsals what-so-ever and no real preparation at all.
Ok, everyone had some riffs and ideas and whatnot, but nothing that had been tried together before, so basically we just kinda made a leap of faith on what we could achieve by basically jamming together. Everything I've ever done before has been pretty much thoroughly premeditated, so this was definitely a new thing for me.

The results were interesting to say the least. This whole weekend has been a pretty unique exploration into creative collaboration where no idea is dumb enough to explore and no result of mentioned exploration too dumb to explore even further. And the best thing was that the atmosphere was relaxed and inspired the whole time!

Here's a few samples of what's in the pipeline:

    A combo of Eliminator-era ZZ Top and repetitive pattern riff rock complete with 16th note hihat urgency, space synths and a wicked lap steel solo!
  • SPEED BLUES Most likely the dumbest drumming I've ever done! A rigid speed metal beat was all it took to make a stock blues riff sound... interesting. This record will have 110% fist-banging-head-shaking potential and not in the least thanks to this track. Also notable: a super-cool guitar solo with a Hamer Explorer plugged straight into the board with mic preamps as overdriven as possible. Perfect beehive buzz.
    "Should we have a rockabilly track?" - "Yes, yes we should."
  • GANG GREEN -TRACK AKA PARADRIVER We were listening to some Gang Green in the control room and decided we need to have a song that sounds like Gang Green. It ended up sounding like Peer Günt on speed. 110% fist-banging-head-shaking potential.
    A pitched down sample of a rural weirdo ranting manically about the state of the world combined with Melvins-type sloo-ooo-ooo-oow bulldozing?
    You bet'cha!
  • JYNKKY-JYNKKY AKA NISKALAUKAUS Sielun Veljet tom-tom heavy shamanism combined with black metal synth-choirs and an eerie vibe.
  • ALCOHOL / TESTOSTERONE The feel-bad hit of summer 2010! This bar band rock track has one of the most sinister vibes ever to it. Especially after we appended some Frederik-type "HUH! HUH! HUH! HUH!" choirs in the end. This is the kind of song you should listen to when you're heading out to beat people up - and getting beat up yourself in the process.
  • SPACE WOMAN Hawkwind meets Danzig in this 20 minute odyssey that hopefully will be edited down to around 10 minutes - or looped and extended to 30 minutes. Complete with Vesa "Vaasankadun Jon Lord" Lankinen jamming on some bad-assed space-hammond.
  • COVERED WITH SNOW A pretty standard moody stripped down bluesy Jolly Jumpers -type track that just kinda explodes into a whirlwind of absolutely insane manic guitar noodling and two different drum sets blasting out as many notes as possible. With Rototoms! Amazing.

There's more, but this should already give you some benchmark of how far we went to find our limits - without finding them. I don't know if the end result will be anything a sane person can listen to, but at least we had a bunch of fun doing it.

ps. Suomalaiset people, tästä saatiin huomattava määrä inspiraatiota: ENNÄTYSTENTEKIJÄT!
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