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Free speech

Written by Tommi on 03.09.2009 11:32:21

Blog image for entry Free speech The sales director of the Finnish branch of Audi resigned today due to a ruckus that was caused by him expressing some pretty last century chauvinistic attitudes towards women. Under his professional title, no less.

This has caused some people to cry out that there's no freedom of speech in Finland anymore.

Give me a damn break.

Freedom of speech is not a shield that protects you from all repercussions of what you say or do. You can't just say shit that pops up in your head and expect freedom of speech to protect you. If you tell your boss off, you'll get fired. If you tell your girlfriend she's not as good in bed as her sister, you'll get dumped. If you tell a big drunken dude at an early morning burger stand queue that he should make way, you'll open a can of whoop-ass. No amount of constitutional awareness will protect you from that.

The point of freedom is that you can't have it without the responsibility involved.

You have the freedom to say whatever you want, but you have to take responsibility for it too. That Kiesi-dude did pretty irreparable damage to his employer and was rightfully let go.
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