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Corporate marketing

Written by Tommi on 16.09.2009 12:42:34

Blog image for entry Corporate marketing A Turku-based marketing agency has started a blog on exposing 101 clichés in corporate marketing (in Finnish, sorry foreigners). The idea is brilliant as I'm sure I'm not the only one ready to flip out in homicidal rage whenever I see that bland tripe on the web or elsewhere. Don't even get me started on capitalizing the first letter of the word "you" mid-sentence.

But even better than that blog is this one blog post.

"The next time you find yourself using professional text, or professional stock images, consider the value of this "professionalism". Is it legitimately helping you communicate? Or is it getting in the way?"

Again, Atwood has it dead on. No need for 101 clichés, just one good guideline: "If it looks corporate, change it"!

(by the way, why would anyone take a marketing agency seriously, if they can't even get their non-dubdubdub address to redirect to their website... http://idbbn.fi/ just results in a timeout instead of redirecting to http://www.idbbn.fi/)

ps. If our marketing at If Society ever feels corporate, let us know IMMEDIATELY! Or better yet, get a shotgun and head for our office.
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