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Written by Tommi on 18.11.2009 12:46:47

Blog image for entry Records? The music market came down about 25% from last year.

Every time I talk to people about how records - in a large scale - are a thing of the past, they always hop into defense mode. "But I still buy records like I used to". Every single one.

So I'll be the first to admit: I really really really do not buy records anymore. I don't really even listen to records anymore. I use vinyls as a fetish item and for their decorative purposes, but 99.9% of my music is consumed in non-physical form.

I just packed 1500+ cds to be taken to the basement in the flat I'm moving to soon. I realised I hadn't touched them in a year or two, so it's time to get rid of them.

Who's with me? Who's willing to admit their music consumer habits have changed dramatically in the past few years?
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