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Who will save the music industry?

Written by Tommi on 02.02.2010 15:26:43

Blog image for entry Who will save the music industry? As usual, Seth Godin is SPOT ON in his post Who will save us?!

Who will save book publishing?

What will save the newspapers?

What means 'save'?

If by save you mean, "what will keep things just as they are?" then the answer is nothing will. It's over.

This applies 110% to the music industry as well. If all your questions are related to making sure the current (or actually past) state of things is kept intact, you've already lost. Lots of people will lost their jobs now that the world of content is being turned upside down, but using that as an argument to prevent natural change is foolish at best.

Enough looking back. If your business is like the post-apocalyptic world in Mad Max, what would be better for you: crying over your paradise lost or being a bad-assed ass-kicker that takes no shit in the new world like Mel Gibson?

Don't know 'bout you, but I'm loading my guns and going on a fuel hunt in the desert.

ps. also check out The Guardian's interview on Brian Eno and Arttu Tolonen's great summary of the main point in it: records are whale blubber
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