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Leave "physical only" delivery to the 90's

Written by Tommi on 09.09.2010 11:49:21

Blog image for entry Leave "physical only" delivery to the 90's I actually drove down to the city center yesterday to buy... software. The amazing V Collection by Arturia to be specific (unpaid endorsement!)

I felt really stupid. Not because I paid hundreds of euros for bits, as I'm more than willing and able to pay good money for software. After all, that's what pays my bills in the end as well.

I felt stupid because I had to actually go to the store (or wait a week for the mail) to get a few hundred megabytes of data.

I really do get it that a lot of people feel sentimental about musical albums as physical products - even if I'm a "streaming only" kind of dude myself nowadays - but who the hell really wants these software boxes? They feel totally useless, but still if you've paid hundreds of euros for something, you'll want to not throw away the box. Now they joined the unnecessary ranks of software boxes in the top shelf of my bookcase.

At the same time, the pirates are offering the same stuff for free, immediately available for download.

Most people nowadays are more than able to download gigabytes with no problem. Why is the option of buying just the bits still so uncommon in some areas of software. The gaming industry is finally coming around, as are music and movies (totally lovin' Netflix on my iPad, by the way - unpaid endorsement!), but music software still seems to rely on dodgy cardboard boxes and useless optical media.

The only thing that made me happy about the transaction was the fact that I helped a local entrepreneur, by buying it locally.
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