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Written by Tommi on 01.07.2008 12:52:50

Blog image for entry DOMO ARIGATO, MR. ROBOTO Hey all and welcome to our new blog!

Ever since we started out as a record label, music retailer or as musicians, we've wanted to make everything we do as humane and warm as possible. To have our operations and actions feel like there's actual people behind everything we do, instead of faceless corporations, well-planned brands or professional perfomers. Our brand is who we are: two music-lovin' dudes from Finland who've seen necessary to put all their time, money and sanity to leaving at least some sort of footprint into to culture that we've gotten so much from during our lifetimes.

Hence this blog.

We want everybody to have a chance to find out MORE of what we're about. What music we like. What makes us tick. Which girl we feel Brett Michaels should pick on Rock of Love. All the important stuff and then some.

I've personally been a huge fan of the blogging culture for a long time now. Even if I'm also very capable of seeing and laughing at some of the ridiculous sides to the whole phenomenon. I love the way progressive companies (like one of my favorite blogs, Signal vs. Noise by US-based software-company 37signals) use blogging as a media to let the individual personalities of their employees shine through their company façade with a company blog that's open to all their people to write in. After all, in all companies - especially small ones - the corporate culture is made by the people in the company.

So naturally we want to copycat this behavior. We want to use this medium to communicate ourselves better to you people out there, buying and listening to our records.

Do not expect us to write only about music, however. We're both well-rounded individuals with a lot of stuff going on in our lives, so the range of subjects touching our lives extends far beyond just music. Most likely the subjects on this blog will range from heated debates about copyrights in the digital world to changing diapers and from obserations on HTML5 to growing your own organic basil. Also, killer veggie recipies will most likely be thrown into the mix from time to time. Naturally, you can also expect a lot of "Best. Album. Ever." -posts. Mainly because we're the dudes who are blessed with all the knowledge and authority on granting "Best. Album. Ever." -status.

Also, the best part about blogs is usually not the blog posts themselves, but their comments. Naturally, we'd really like to interact with you people, so whenever you've got a differing opinion on something we write, please let everyone know by writing a comment to the post. You can also feel free to comment if you agree with us, but especially if the post is about music, we already know we're right, but your conformance will not go unnoticed.

To start off, I've got a confession: Lately I've been listening obsessedly to STYX. More specifically the song quoted in the title of this post, Mr. Roboto! "Best. Song. Ever." and I'm serious! This is probably due to my heavy duty Sparks-fever of late. Epic and futuristic, that's the way to go!

Anyways, time for you people to put this blog's feed into your favorite RSS-aggregator so you'll always be among the first to know when we've had something to say.
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