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Leave "physical only" delivery to the 90's (Tommi)

- 09.09.2010
I actually drove down to the city center yesterday to buy... software. The amazing V Collection by Arturia to be specific (unpaid endorsement!)

I felt really stupid. Not because I paid hundreds of euros for bits, as I'm more than willing and able to pay good money for software. After all,... 1 comment click to read more

Musicians - workers or entrepreneurs (Tommi)

- 22.05.2010
There was some really good discussion in the comments section of a piece of news at the Rumba-magazine website the other day. Unfortunately for you foreigners it's all in Finnish.

But the gist of it is: (indie) musicians often get paid unbearably bad for playing gigs.

No argument there. I... click to read more

"Music, not industry" (Tommi)

- 28.04.2010
My blog post "Survival of great music" from yesterday got a pretty interesting and thoughtful comment response from Mr. Nick Triani - an experienced and respectable individual residing in the dark scary chasm between indie and "the biz". Exactly the kind of dude who's banner I'd like to be... 8 comments click to read more

Survival of great music (Tommi)

- 26.04.2010
"Will there be money to be made by making music tomorrow?" seems to be the question everybody would like to see answered.

I think they're asking the wrong question.

Let's make a small checklist of facts:
  • The importance of broadcast media is in a rapid decline. It's increasingly difficult...
4 comments click to read more

RIP Peter Steele (Tommi)

- 16.04.2010

I've had a bunch of heroes in my life. Some are the more apparent indie champions like Ian MacKaye, Lou Reed and such, but one that has played an equally important role in my life has been Peter Steele of Type O Negative who sadly seems to have actually kicked the bucket this time... 1 comment click to read more

Music export "business" (Tommi)

- 25.03.2010
Ah, free money. My favorite type of money.

The export endeavours of the Finnish music industry received a lion's share of the grants provided by The Finnish Ministry of Education for the benefit of Finnish cultural export. This year, the sum was 1 644 000 euros.

That's understandable as... 10 comments click to read more

Who will save the music industry? (Tommi)

- 02.02.2010
As usual, Seth Godin is SPOT ON in his post Who will save us?!

Who will save book publishing?

What will save the newspapers?

What means 'save'?

If by save you mean, "what will keep things just as they are?" then the answer is nothing will. It's over.

This applies 110% to the music... click to read more

Sorry, we're closed (Tommi)

- 04.01.2010
(creative commons image from Flickr by Saucy Salad

As most of you must have already heard, we're giving up the whole retail side of our operations.

I have no idea how long this thing lasted, but like so many others, we also started from trading out our own releases and running a tiny... 11 comments click to read more

Records? (Tommi)

- 18.11.2009
The music market came down about 25% from last year.

Every time I talk to people about how records - in a large scale - are a thing of the past, they always hop into defense mode. "But I still buy records like I used to". Every single one.

So I'll be the first to admit: I really really... 20 comments click to read more

Corporate marketing (Tommi)

- 16.09.2009
A Turku-based marketing agency has started a blog on exposing 101 clichés in corporate marketing (in Finnish, sorry foreigners). The idea is brilliant as I'm sure I'm not the only one ready to flip out in homicidal rage whenever I see that bland tripe on the web or elsewhere. Don't even get me... click to read more
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