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Free speech (Tommi)

- 03.09.2009

Black Audio in the studio (Tommi)

- 31.08.2009
I've played music as a rather serious hobby for well past 10 years now.
I've done my share of different kinds of sessions that have resulted in records a very limited people actually enjoy, but during all these years I've never participated in a session quite like this.

First of all: we had... 1 comment click to read more

RIP Lifesaver (Tommi)

- 14.08.2009
This just in: one of Helsinki's coolest purveyors of hiphop-derived music, Lifesaver, calls it quits.

I've never been a part of their clientele, but they've done an awesome job at serving their niché of choice in the past 10 years. Hats off to the whole Lifesaver-gang and we'll be pouring a... click to read more

When you form a new band (Tommi)

- 10.08.2009
When you form a new band, even if you're from America - the cradle of all meaningful culture mankind has ever produced thus empowered to reign supreme over lesser countries, like Europe - please oh please oh please check if the name you're going for is taken. It takes like 5 minutes to do a bit... 5 comments click to read more

Canadians and heavy metal (Tommi)

- 27.07.2009
I used to think Manowar was brilliant. Not so much because I liked the music, but more because it was a perfect litmus test for testing how good a given person's grasp on reality is, judging by the amount of seriousness he or she had in her relationship with the band.

I had always trusted... click to read more

Spotify deal killer (Tommi)

- 25.06.2009
I noticed a really weird pattern of consumer behaviour in myself yesterday. I was on the very verge of subscribing to Spotify premium, but cut the process once I was presented with these two options:

1 month = 9,99 euros
1 year = 99 euros

Instead of getting the feeling of cheap vs.... 4 comments click to read more

Hipster consumerism online (Tommi)

- 23.04.2009
Finding music is too easy these days. With services like Spotify, We Are Hunted, Sixty One popping up around every corner, being a hipster is easier than ever. Just let the music rain down on ya, with the sweet sense of being the first to find this and that band.

But what's the fucking... 4 comments click to read more

Record Store Day (Tommi)

- 18.04.2009
Whaddya know, Americans finally came up with a useless day of celebration actually worth celebrating!

Today is... Record Store Day!!!

But don't forget to make every day your personal record store day. click to read more

The power of "no" (Tommi)

- 12.04.2009
I've come to love the creative force of inhibiting myself.

A while ago I wasn't happy with the way I was playing drums. Then I stripped my drum kit to a kick, a snare a hi-hat and one cymbal. After that I became the best drummer since Animal from the Muppet Show. No joke, I rule.

Viola... click to read more

Less is more... and it's damn difficult (Tommi)

- 05.04.2009
If I had to recruit a copywriter, the ultimate test I'd put him into is coming up with a few variations for our Google AdWords -ad. I know I'm not a professional at this stuff, but Jesus Christ how difficult this thing can be! I can come up with an endless supply of great taglines, but once the... 3 comments click to read more
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