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Agile music (Tommi)

- 01.04.2009
Now that the first monthly free new Viola-track is online, I'd like to take a step back to observe one really personally interesting reason for our choice to start making music in this manner.


Scrum is an agile project methodology popular in software engineering. The name comes from 3 comments click to read more

The search for the "Music Business v2.0" business model (Tommi)

- 25.03.2009
Let me spoil this for you: You're on a quest for the holy grail, dudes. There is no new business model.

The time when music was a simple business is over. As long as recorded music has existed, the industry around it has been based on an ancient paradigm of creating a product, pressing it... 1 comment click to read more

Touch & Go rip, kind of... (Tommi)

- 18.02.2009
It was announced today, that Touch & Go distribution is closing shop.

Basically, if I've understood correctly, what they'll do is going into "catalogue mode", meaning that the once mighty indie trendsetter is basically going to focus on selling their existing back-catalogue (we'll be happy to... 2 comments click to read more


- 17.02.2009
I've updated my "enemies of the music biz" -list. The former top contender - music piracy - has been replaced by something very similar and of close kin to it: Freewars.

One of the first business areas to enter Freewars is music business. Every new band has to give all their music away for...
3 comments click to read more

The joys of customer service (Tommi)

- 16.01.2009
We just got an email from an angry customers across the Atlantic. I won't go into further detail here, but there were two points of frustration on this person's mind:
  • He was on our mailing list and he didn't want to be on it
  • b) He had ordered an lp from us and it had arrived in bad... 7 comments click to read more

Another one bites the dust (Tommi)

- 15.01.2009
Sorry for the dumbass title, but I just needed to refer this here and it's past my bedtime, so trying to be clever isn't really the thing of the moment.

I'm not sure if I've visited this store or not, but an indie record shop called Road Records in Dublin, Ireland will stop operations in a... click to read more

When physical records are gone, what will you miss? (Tommi)

- 15.01.2009
I'm writing this to expand the thoughts of Seth Godin in his blog post When newspapers are gone, what will you miss?

Years and years after some pundits began predicting the end of newspapers, the newspapers themselves are finally realizing that it's over. Huge debt, high costs, declining...
8 comments click to read more

Come out of the closet with your shorts and backwards baseball cap (Tommi)

- 13.01.2009
Went to see Helmet today.

The audience was mostly comprised of dudes well into their thirties that looked like programmers, mostly male. People like me.

It was kind of scary to see a band I last saw almost 12 years ago. TWELVE years. When I think of the term "12 years ago", I don't want to... click to read more

Cool link: Levyhaku (Tommi)

- 12.01.2009
Found a cool new service as I was stalking our referral info at Google Analytics: Levyhaku.net

There's nothing special at work here, really. Just a service that provides a nice shorthand for making searches to multiple online record stores. The cool thing obviously is that they've had the... click to read more

Depth through surface (Tommi)

- 07.12.2008
When it all comes down, the Pet Shop Boys are the perfect band. There has never been and probably never will be a more amazing hybrid of total throwaway instant pop-glitter and deeply multi-layered musical craftsmanship. Their music is ridiculously catchy, to the point of being total bubblegum,... 3 comments click to read more
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