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Contact addresses

For demos, invoices, threats and love letters:

If Society c/o Mikko Heikkonen
Suursuontie 6 D 66

Sending us demos

  • Please prefer sending a link to your stuff via email to info@ifsociety.com. If you send us large attachments (also goes for big-ass promo pics and such crap), we will personally hunt you down and stare at you in a creepy sort of way until you start feeling really awkward and see the error in your ways.
  • Please do not expect any feedback from us. We feel terrible enough as it is that we don't have too much time to put into listening all the demos that are sent to us as it is. We'll let you know if there's something we wish to express to you about your material.


Download the If Society logo here (135 KB, 1200 dpi .tif bitmap, LZW-compression) or here (79 KB, scaleable .eps).

Promo pics of bands can be obtained from the bands / press -section of our site.

Corporate bullshit:

Official name: T:mi Mikko Heikkonen
Official address: Suursuontie 6 D 66, 00630 HELSINKI, Finland
Y-tunnus / VAT-number: 2343238-3
Bank-contact: NORDEA 134730-417091 - IBAN: FI20 1347 3000 4170 91, SWIFT: NDEAFIHH
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