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13 & GOD : 13 & God

Label: Anticon
13 & GOD : 13 & God 13 & GOD
lp: 16.50 €  (Sold out)
Combine two acts that rank very highly on all Top 50 Most Interesting New Bands Of Recent Times (Anticon's themselves and german melanholic electronics Notwist) and you get something that is utterly dumbstriking. Doseone's (themselves) nasally whining MCing combined with Markus Acher's (Notwist) sighed and velvety vocals on top of superb melancholic electronic beats that equal the beauty of any contemporary pop group. Yet another Anticon release that doesn't just explore the boundaries of what hiphop can be, but makes clear that such boundaries do not exist. Three thumbs up and a slot reserved on the "best records of 2005"-list!

1. Low Heaven (4:32)
2. Men of Station (3:48)
3. Ghostwork (5:45)
4. Perfect Speed (3:36)
5. Afterclap (3:51)
6. Soft Atlas (3:51)
7. Tin Strong (6:09)
8. If (4:19)
9. Superman on Ice (7:16)
10. Walk (6:19)
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