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AAVIKKO : Derek + first ep

AAVIKKO : Derek + first ep AAVIKKO
cd: 18 €  (Sold out)
Surf-esque instrumentals on vintage synths. Brilliant!

1. El Cebo
2. Galaktus
3. Baltic Sea
4. Derek
5. Cloun
6. Panama
7. Bolek Bolek
8. Manolito's Day off
9. Kazimbalis
10. Pink Service
11. Elsku Mau Mau
12. $3000
13. Cipetown
14. Vniz Po Volge (Down the Volga River)
15. Sredi Samoedov (Among the Eskimos)
16. Luga Krakova (Krakov's Fields)
17. Moroz V 5 Gradusov (-5 degrees C)
18. Pustynya (The Desert)
19. Podruga (Girlfriend)
20. Transsibirskaya Zheleznaya Doroga (Trans-siberian Railway)
21. Dux Oblomova (Oblomov's Spirit)

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