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ADOLESCENTS : Adolescents

Label: Frontier
lp: 13 €  (Sold out)
Classic US punkrock! Snotty and raw, yet melodic.

Released: 1981
1. "I Hate Children"
2. "Who Is Who"
3. "Wrecking Crew"
4. "L.A. Girl"
5. "Self Destruct"
6. "Kids of the Black Hole"
7. "No Way"
8. "Amoeba"
9. "Word Attack"
10. "Rip It Up"
11. "Democracy"
12. "No Friends"
13. "Creatures"
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The sonic equivalent of a serious case of delirium tremens that quite simply rocks the fucking shirts off all of you sad wankers out there. This shit is the real thing: 80's underground indie-rock influences madness that owes a lot to Big Black, Rapeman, Deep Turtle, Charles Bukowski and the god of alcohol (not to mention terrible hang-overs).
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