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AIR : The Virgin Suicides

AIR : The Virgin Suicides AIR
cd: 6 €  (Sold out)
Air's atmosphreric (and mostly instrumental) score to Sophia Coppola's 1999 film of the same name.

1. "Playground Love" (vocals by Gordon Tracks) 3:32
2. "Clouds Up" 1:30
3. "Bathroom Girl" 2:25
4. "Cemetary Party" 2:36
5. "Dark Messages" 2:28
6. "The Word 'Hurricane'" 2:33
7. "Dirty Trip" 6:12
8. "Highschool Lover" (theme from The Virgin Suicides) 2:42
9. "Afternoon Sister" 2:24
10. "Ghost Song" 2:16
11. "Empty House" 2:58
12. "Dead Bodies" 2:59
13. "Suicide Underground" 5:52
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