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ALIAS : Eyes Closed

Label: Anticon
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cd: 4 €  (Sold out)
Brand new alias instrumental creations inspiring new methods of interruption, angst, focus, and dollhead popping/rearrangements.

Released: 21.7.2003
1. Eyes Closed (4:17)
2. What Used to Be (3:43)
3. Must Consume (4:03)
4. Dec. 26th, 2002 (4:33)
5. Things Got a Little Ugly (3:42)
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The world's coolest drum and bass duo returns with an awesome longplay filled with sonic violence like no other. The sheer volume of the instruments and how it's been captured on this cd just seems to defy all the laws of digital audio recording. Seriously. Even at low volumes this mayhem just seems to be tearing it's way out of the speakers and into your brain!
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We truly are not worthy! Mother Goose not only influenced a generation of finnish indie-rockers to follow their own path in life and music, but after all these years they still continue to walk proudly in the very head of the queue! This is indie-rock at it's finest and purest form captured on a beautiful 45 rpm 7"-vinyl single.
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The 5th and the strongest album by Out Cold. Yet another 14 tracks of straight up hardcore punk rock that explodes with anger and aggression.
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Anticon founding member SOLE's third studio album (yeah, disregard the title, this IS a studio album) is what you've learned to expect: provocative, experimental, politically hypercharged, edgy, intelligent and highly groovy. Features production by the likes of Odd Nosdam and Alias.
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