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ALIAS : Eyes Closed

Label: Anticon
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cd: 4 €  (Sold out)
Brand new alias instrumental creations inspiring new methods of interruption, angst, focus, and dollhead popping/rearrangements.

Released: 21.7.2003
1. Eyes Closed (4:17)
2. What Used to Be (3:43)
3. Must Consume (4:03)
4. Dec. 26th, 2002 (4:33)
5. Things Got a Little Ugly (3:42)
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"Brookland/Oaklyn" is the result of a bicoastal collaboration between anticon beatmaker extraordinaire Alias and vocalist Rona "Tarsier" Rapadas of New York's cinematronic duo, Healamonster & Tarsier.
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Alias continues his trip through wordless soundscapes with his third full-length and first collaborative instrumental album, “Lillian”. Ehren Whitney, eleven years Brandon's junior, was only three when his big brother started plastering the walls of their room with posters of screw-faced rappers but the music's crotch tight grip never quite got a hold of him. Alias's trademark sounds are all here-- crunchy fuzz, bassy cut up drums, pop-and-click percussion, atmospheric synth, ghostly guitars-- but they're made bright and buoyant by Ehren's incredible ear for melody. The end result is “Lillian”, a warm and wonderful album inspired by (and named after) their grandmother.
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LAPKO : Scandal cd
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A harder hitting version of Placebo.
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"Aided by Alex Newport's clean, confident production, this record crams 23 songs into just around the same amount of minutes -- piling unpredictable, split-second changes, blasts of 2-second-long space-riffs, and lupine screams onto spazzed-out keyboards that sound totally inhuman and strangely organic."
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