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ALIAS : Muted

Label: Anticon
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cd: 6 €  (Sold out)
Alias unleashes a full length that definitely expounds on the direction that he took as an artist with “Eyes closed” - the ep that was released earlier this year by Anticon. Songs of filtered polyrhythmic percussion, fat chopped drums, droney synths, pretty string samples and some TV and radio overdubs with anti-imperialist/anti-consumer sentiments. Lying somewhere between ambient Brian Eno and Kraftwerk, “muted” seems akin to Boards of Canada or early Aphex Twin while maintaining some of the boom bap of roots hiphop - at the same time rainy day contemplative and rhythmically menacing. Available also on LP.

Alias - Muted
Released: 10/2003
1. Beginagain (4:30)
2. Sixes Last (4:58)
3. Again for the First Time (3:54)
4. Unseen Sights (4:25)
5. Shoes, Cars, and Soft Drinks (3:21)
6. Caged In, Wasting Away (4:22)
7. Full Circle Blues (3:36)
8. I Would Like to Write a Song That... (4:12)
9. Am I Cool Now (1:43)
10. Chew the Fat (4:05)
11. The Physical Voice (3:40)
12. One Obvious Rule (4:28)
13. Lost Friend Advice (17:08)
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