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ALIAS : Resurgam

Label: Anticon
ALIAS : Resurgam ALIAS
lp: 9,50 €  (Sold out)
Anticon veteran Brendon Whitney returns for his first proper solo album since 2003's Muted, delivering a mightily impressive line-up of instrumentals, and even a couple of vocally-enhanced collaborations (with long-term labelmate Yoni Wolf of Why? and One AM Radio). As ever, Whitney's starting point for his music is firmly rooted in hip hop, but there's a freakishly wide range of influences feeding into all this. Tracks like 'Death Watch' and 'Resurgam' enter into an almost Ulrich Schnauss-like soundscape of textured electronic pop, all backed up by suitably hefty beat crafting and an underlying air of melody. Meanwhile, the track with Yoni Wolf stirs up a combination of chugging guitars, Four Tet-style drum fills and a hip hop-to-indie ratio that's not dissimilar to Whitney's collaboration with Markus Acher, 'Unseen Sights'. It's great to hear Alias back in action, and he's in fine voice on this new album - which quite appropriately for a 'comeback' record of sorts, takes its name from the Latin for "I Shall Rise Again".

Released: 26.08.2008
1. New to a Few (2:33)
2. I Heart Drum Machines (4:47)
3. Well Water Black (feat. Yoni Wolf of Why?) (6:00)
4. Oakland Morning (1:31)
5. M.G. Jack (4:52)
6. Prelude to a Death Watch (1:17)
7. Death Watch (4:09)
8. Place of No More Choices (1:06)
9. Resurgam (2:59)
10. Autumnal Ego (4:17)
11. Weathering (feat. The One AM Radio) (4:30)
12. Justamachine (4:53)
13. Oakland in the Rearview (5:19)
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