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ALIENACJA : Blades Shall Speak

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cd: 5 €  (Sold out)
Polish metal from the old school! Heavy shit in the vein of classic Cannibal Corpse, Obituary and such. Comes in a beautifully designed digipack!
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(Sold out)
20 €
A nice compilation of rarities and stuff by the most legendary Finnish black metal band available now in double vinyl.

Comes in full coloured gatefold covers with massive 7mm spine!!!
(Sold out)
5 €
The sonic equivalent of a serious case of delirium tremens that quite simply rocks the fucking shirts off all of you sad wankers out there. This shit is the real thing: 80's underground indie-rock influences madness that owes a lot to Big Black, Rapeman, Deep Turtle, Charles Bukowski and the god of alcohol (not to mention terrible hang-overs).
FUN : Zu-Pa! cd
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Fun's second long play is everything the first record Szklarska Poreba was and a whole lot more - meaner, dumber, tighter, slower, heavier, softer, smarter, faster and a shitload more clever than you, boy!
(Sold out)
5 €
Melodic punk from northern Finland
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