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ANAL THUNDER : Table for One

Label: Full House
cd: 5 €  (Sold out)
Superb classic skatepunk with killer melodies and oh-so-politically-incorrect lyrics.

1. Starter (1:11)
2. Lifelong Hangover (2:20)
3. Diabetes (1:54)
4. Our Song for the Eurovision Song Contest (3:11)
5. I Choose the Sin (2:50)
6. H.M.P.U. (3:05)
7. Junk (1:35)
8. (She's) Too Drunk to Fuck (2:51)
9. Frustration (2:32)
10. Kill Your Neighbours (2:02)
11. Guns (2:35)
12. Karaoke Nightmare (2:46)
13. I'm Your Homer (2:49)
14. Dessert (1:18)
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