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ATOM NOTES : Atom Notes

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7": 5 €  (Sold out)
Rockin' punkrock. Members from Manifesto Jukebox, Endstand, Last Calls, Abduktio, Deathbed, Cold Call.
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(Sold out)
8 €
A 12" maxi from FFP's album Don't Back Down. Includes 5 cool remixes of the song The Jacket by Karin Dreijer (The Knife), Hortlax Cobra (Peter, Bjorn and John), Peter Visti, Akamu and The Tremolo Beer Gut.
(Sold out)
11 €
Melodic punkrock. IWTL's third album sees the band bringing again more varied elements into their music in the form of 80's synths and such.
(Sold out)
16,50 €
Great hiphop from the beatmaster of Kaucas!
(Sold out)
(Fat Wreck
14 €
First album by these crazy Canucks. Tongue-in-cheek politically concious skatepunk.
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