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B-52'S : Dance This Mess Around

B-52'S : Dance This Mess Around B-52'S
cd: 6,50 €  (Sold out)
A really cool compilation of the early partystarters by the greatest party band in the world! Put this on and people will be dancing upside-down in no time!

Oh and by the way, Give Me Back My Man is the best song ever written.

1. Party Out of Bounds (3:21)
2. Devil in My Car (4:28)
3. Dirty Back Road (3:18)
4. 6060-842 (2:51)
5. Wig (4:20)
6. Dance This Mess Around (4:36)
7. Rock Lobster (6:50)
8. Strobe Light (4:00)
9. Give Me Back My Man (3:59)
10. Song for a Future Generation (3:58)
11. Planet Claire (4:34)
12. 52 Girls (3:01)
13. Private Idaho (3:35)

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