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BARSE : If You Can't Fuck 'em, Cut 'em Up

BARSE : If You Can't Fuck 'em, Cut 'em Up BARSE
cd: 5 €  (Sold out)
UK '77 punk.
Released: 2007
Artist tag:

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CONFUSA : s/t cd
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Angry grrrrrrrrl punkrock!
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"Since their acclaimed debut album, Plain Ride have managed to further deepen their expression. Resulting in fresh and versatile music, which effortlessly combines the legacies of Hank Williams, Velvet Underground and NEU!, simplicity and unpretentiousness are indeed virtues."
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Red Carpet's very limited farewell single. :(
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A punk / hc compilation featuring a rather impressive tracklist with stuff from Finnish mainstays (like Manifesto Jukebox, Ümlaut, Endstand and Hero Dishonest), fresher talent (like Lighthouse Project and the already demised On a Solid Rock) and foreign aural assassins (like From Ashes Rise, I Excuse and Oi Polloi).
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